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Boom Beach: Frontlines Cards

View all 60 Boom Beach: Frontlines cards, including 14 Troops, 19 Powerups, 15 Vehicles, and 12 Defenses.





About Cards

This page is dedicated to holding a list of all the cards in Boom Beach: Frontlines. Whether you're looking for troops, powerups, defenses, or vehicles, this is the place to find them. Pressing on any individual card will bring you to a dedicated page for that card that will include information such as stats and costs for the card.

Cards are obtained from looting the different types of boxes in the game. Mega Boxes are the most worthwhile, but also most rare and expensive, boxes to open because of the massive number of cards inside them. Many of the cards also have a Player Level requirement. You must meet that level, and uncover the island of the card, in order for it to appear in boxes.

Cards come in multiple rarities: Common, Rare, and Epic. Each card rarity has a different color background, has a different chance to appear in boxes, and starts at a different level when received.

Common cards have a bluish-green color to them, start at level 1, and have a very high chance to appear in boxes.

Rare cards have an orange color to them, start at level 3, and have a low-medium chance to appear in boxes.

Epic cards have a purple color to them, start at level 5, and have a very low chance to appear in boxes.