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me Noob

14 Player Level icon


Last Updated

13 hours ago
Stats Battles Cards
Royal ChampionRoyal Champion
Trophy icon7796

Trophy Progression

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Battle iconBattle Stats

Win Rate56.64%
Three Crown Wins7104
Battles Played42154

Clan Wars iconClan Wars

War Day Wins72
Clan Cards Collected128130

Challenge Stats iconChallenge Stats

Max Wins18
Cards Won157522

Tournament Stats iconTournament Stats

Battles Played20376
Cards Won37

Cards iconCurrent Deck

Electro Giant7 ElixirGolden Knight4 ElixirBomber2 ElixirFire Spirit1 ElixirInferno Dragon4 ElixirLightning6 ElixirGoblin Cage4 ElixirTornado3 Elixir
Current Favorite CardElectro Giant7 Elixir
Cards Found107/107

Clash Royale chestUpcoming Chests

Golden Chest
Silver Chest+1
Silver Chest+2
Giant Chest+3
Gold Crate+4
Silver Chest+5
Silver Chest+6
Silver Chest+7
Silver Chest+8
Magical Chest+28
Epic Chest+314
Mega Lightning Chest+412
Legendary Chest+413
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