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idk what to name this team

Created by nymphaealbe
Updated Oct 20, 2022

Wildberry CookieFinancier CookieCaramel Arrow CookieBlack Pearl CookieCream Unicorn Cookie
Game ModeArena
Avg CooldownClock cooldown icon13.4s


Defense Icon
Ranged Icon
Ambush Icon
Healing Icon




Librarian's Enchanted RobesOld Pilgrim's ScrollGrim-looking Scythe

Bad Against

Brute/BTS combo

Good Against

Single tanks, Non-sorbet summoner comps, teams using Purple Yam, teams using Pomegranate, teams using Pure Vanilla


This team is EXTREMELY SITUATIONAL. It is not strictly strong/weak against any team in particular, besides the Brute/BTS comp. Do NOT battle against a Brute/BTS comp with this team, unless you want to lose trophies.

However, I've beaten most (not all) teams I've seen using Pomegranate, Pure Vanilla, or Purple Yam. It also seems effective against weak summoner comps.

The most helpful part of this team is Caramel Arrow's rush/explosion paired with Wildberry's final blow, doing massive damage. In most cases, after the first blow/explosion, the second one will take place immediately after the DMG increase, likely knocking out the oponents team.

Despite only having 14.3% DMG Resist, my Caramel Arrow (3A) seems to be able to still take a hit from Vampire very well.

Battling against a scam comp can be very risky. In most cases, Caramel Arrow, Financier, and Wildberry can survive after the first attempted sweep, and take out the team if it's weak enough or can't get its second attempt off. However, if the opposing team takes out 1 or more of your tanks, its game over.

Substat Focuses
Wildberry substat focus- DMG Resist

Financier substat focus- CRIT%

Caramel Arrow substat focus- ATK SPD, DMG Resist

Black Pearl substat focus- no exact focus, best to go for DMG Resist, Cooldown, or CRIT%

Cream Unicorn substat focus- ATK SPD

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