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my general team !!!!

Created by lvlyhkz
Updated Dec 18, 2022

Hollyberry CookieClotted Cream CookieEclair CookieCotton CookiePure Vanilla Cookie
Game ModeArena
Avg CooldownClock cooldown icon17s


Defense Icon
Magic Icon
Support Icon
Healing Icon




Old Pilgrim's ScrollSquishy Jelly WatchGatekeeper Ghost's Horn

Bad Against

any team that has black pearl/clotted cream combo, caviar w/ other meta cookies such as caramel arrow, dark cacao, etc. yk, THOSE arena teams (unless their power is much lower by a lot).

Good Against

basically any team really, u just gotta have more power n what not


hollyberry - aim 4 dmg res. substats , crit/debuff res. being 2nd priority depending on what kind of dmg ur enemies deal (whether they do a lot of crit hits or a lot of debuff hits)

IF you don't have hollyberry cookie.. good replacements would be dark cacao, dark choco, kumiho, strawberry crepe, or wildberry

clotted cream - aim 4 atk + dmg res. (cd could also work but dmg res. rec) substats , cd being 2nd priority . when in battle, he's kinda like sea fairy in which he's usually targeted (bc of high atk) n ends up dying first.

IF you don't have clotted cream cookie.. good replacements would be sea fairy, black pearl, sorbet shark, licorice, mango.. etc. literally any middle dps cookie would fit just fine

eclair - aim 4 atk + cd substats , though he's a support he deals lots of dmg when his skill is unleashed.

IF you don't have eclair cookie.. good replacements are black pearl, caviar, MAYBE pinecone (haven't played around w their battle mechanisms yet so don't take me 4 granted)

cotton - aim 4 cd + atk substats, dmg res. 2nd priority (self explanatory)

IF you don't have cotton cookie.. good replacements are parfait, cream puff, clover, carol, or cream unicorn

pure vanilla - aim 4 atk + cd substats, dmg res. 2nd priority (also self explanatory)

IF you don't have pure vanilla cookie.. good replacements are herb, sparkling, carol, or cream unicorn

note: most of the info displayed on here such as the avg cd time is inaccurate to what i have as i have several landmarks (which most are maxed out) that help me in battle. my buff from the guild i'm in also helps out very well. i mainly use this team 4 literally everything... i sometimes switch out clotted cream 4 sea fairy but she still has similar stats as clotted cream does 4 my own sea fairy build.

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