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Boom Beach: Frontlines New Season, Upcoming Content

Space Ape has released a new season (Season 3) and teased some upcoming content for the game.

Season 3 Out Now

Season 3 has started as of January 1st. This new season released a new troop: Jetpack. This brand new troop has the unique ability to fly over traps, but even the water itself! This creates an interesting gameplay mechanic because if you’re playing as Jetpack, you can essentially go to objectives in a near-straight line. You can also retreat substantially easier than other troops can.

Aside from the new troop, this season is looking to be mostly the same as the last season, so get to leveling up that Boom Pass and bring in those sweet loot box rewards!

New Content Soon

Space Ape teased upcoming content in a YouTube video they recently released. You can watch the full video here: We’ll cover some of the interesting parts of the video here.

The first thing of note in the video is the following image:

Boom Beach: Frontlines HQ10

It appears as though at some point soon, the max HQ level will be raised from 9 to 10, which also likely means we’ll be seeing some new cards with it. There’s also some cards from season 2 that were unlocked through the Battle Pass that have yet to be added to loot boxes, so HQ10 could be a prerequisite to unlocking those cards.

The next thing in the video that was teased is the following:

Boom Beach: Frontlines potential new game mode

Looking at the top-left corner and observing the robot being fired at doesn’t seem to be a player, it appears as though we may be getting some kind of PvE game mode. More specifically, it seems as though waves of enemies will attack a base that we’re set to defend. This will be an exciting change of pace for those who like taking breaks from having to fight other players.

The final thing to note is the following snippet:

Boom Beach: Frontlines alliances

It appears as though we’ll be seeing Alliances debut sometime soon. This should make it easier to find a group of players we want to play with as well as create an environment for us to easily chat with other players in the game. We’re not sure if there’s going to be any exclusive rewards tied behind alliances or if they’ll strictly be social features, but nonetheless, we’re excited for them!

There’s no exact release date for any of these new features yet, but don’t be surprised if they release at the beginning of a new season. The current season runs until the end of January and the next season starts February 1, so hopefully we’ll be seeing this all real soon!