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Boom Beach: Frontlines Upcoming Season 4 and Season Changes

We have some details about the upcoming season, The Big Boom, and more importantly, changes to the season itself.

Season 4 Rewards

Season 4 will be called “The Big Boom” and will have two different rewards that will be unlocked from playing it. One reward is an exclusive vehicle called Bunker Buster in the Beach Pass tier. The other reward is an exclusive power up called Boom Bundle that will be available in the Free tier. Like previous seasons, both of these will become available to everyone sometime after the season ends in the loot boxes.

Bunker Buster is the new premium vehicle card. It deals massive damage to enemies. It will move slowly but when it gets to an enemy outpost, it will do an exceptional job at taking everything out.

Bunker Buster

Boom Bundle is the new power up card, available for free for just playing the season. The Boom Bundle is a wooden crate that you throw at enemies. Now you might be wondering why you would want to throw a wooden crate at someone. Well, this crate is full of different kinds of explosives! It’s a bomb!

Boom Bundle

Season 4 will run its typical 1-month timespan from February 1st to March 1st. There will also be the Beach Pass perks if you buy it, giving 10% extra coins to you and your entire team in battle and stacking with anyone else who also has the pass, giving you a golden name, and boosting all cards you have to a minimum level of whatever your HQ level is.

Season 4 Changes

There are some changes coming to the season. Particularly, Space Ape received feedback that keeping up with a season felt too difficult. You had to play enough to make sure you never lost time when stars would regenerate but you were at maximum. This quickly made players feel like if they missed out on even a few 2.5-hour periods, they wouldn’t be able to complete the season.

Here are the changes Space Ape is making to this season to help alleviate this issue.

  • Players now start the season with 50 stars in their pool.
  • Star Pool cap has been raised to 200 (from 50).
  • Players now ear 4 stars every hour (from 12 stars every 2.5 hours).
  • Stars received from battle victories increased to 12 (from 9).
  • Total stars needed to complete the pass has been reduced.

Overall, stars will accumulate at a similar (but slightly slower) rate than the previous season. However, the cap of stars has been raised considerably, the reward of stars per battle has been raised a decent amount, and the number of stars needed to complete your pass has been reduced. This should help alleviate that need-to-play-all-the-time stress. The higher star cap also helps you accumulate enough stars to play for an extended period of time if you choose.

One other small change that comes along with receiving stars on the hour is that operations themselves will now also rotate every hour. If you see a map you want to play, be sure to get in as much time on it as you can as it won’t last long, but the map will now also come back around more frequently because of the faster change in map rotation.

Still In Soft Launch

That’s everything coming next Tuesday. There may be some other minor changes that weren’t mentioned here. If those arise, we’ll cover them! In the mean time, Space Ape left a friendly reminder that they appreciate all the feedback they’ve received and that they’ll continue to work on all of these features during the soft-launch period, so keep on sharing the feedback.

See you all on the battlefield!