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Clash Mini 2.0

Clash Mini’s biggest update is finally here, with plenty of new features and upgrades!

New Minis and Heroes

  • Meet the newest Hero: Battle Machine!
  • Welcome 13 new Minis, with 6 more coming soon.

Unlockable Unit Sets and Classes

  • Unlock exciting new Unit Sets with unique gameplay tied to them.
  • Units are now sorted into different Classes, activating special Class Effects when 2 or 4 Units from the same Class are used in a Battle.


  • Rumble is now a 4-Player Draft.
  • Unlocked for players with at least 2 Heroes and 10 Minis.
  • Select from your pool of unlocked Minis and Heroes.

Progression Changes

  • Bid farewell to Stat Level Ups; Hero stats remain constant after unlocking.
  • New cosmetic progression for Minis and Heroes.
    • Cosmetic rewards include Emotes, Avatars, and Battle Highlights.
  • New Skin Series that also unlock Boards that you can use in Battle.
  • Hero Promotion:
    • Elevate your Collector Level by refining Minis and Heroes to higher Quality Tiers
    • Unlock additional Promotion choices for your Heroes in Battle.
    • Acquire all 3 Promotion choices and strategically alter the Battle tide with your Hero.

Hero Repositioning

  • Reposition Heroes once per game.
  • Move your Hero to an unoccupied tile or switch with one of the Minis on the Board.

Visual Revamp

  • Substantial visual overhaul for Minis and Heroes.
  • Cinematic intro for an enhanced gaming experience.
  • New Gallery, exhibiting Dioramas, Skins, Emotes, Avatars, Boards, and the Piggy Chest all in one convenient location.

Toy Machine

  • Introduction of the Toy Machine for obtaining Skins and special Units.
  • Collect Keys to unlock prizes and enhance your Gallery.

Other Features

  • Puzzles and Raids are on hiatus; Battle Log introduced for sharing replays.
  • Mini Pass simplified for steady progression; Complete Quests and earn rewards.
  • New Mini Pass Quests that contribute to Mini Pass progress.

We will be hard at work getting the site updated as quickly as possible. For more info on the update and to keep up with Clash Mini on NOFF, follow our Twitter or join our Discord.