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Clash Mini Events: A First Look

With the latest update for Clash Mini, some great new additions were added to the game other than the two new Troops. One, in particular, is the Event feature which offers limited-time game modes to participate in with their own leaderboards, rewards, and even premium passes!

What makes these unique, is that they change with every season and are only available for two weeks out of the month. Gameplay is also very different compared to the regular modes, which puts you on a 7-tile wide board instead of 5! This opens up many new possibilities for strategy and how the match can play out.

Screenshot of the Draft Rumble Clash Mini game mode

Draft Rumble

The current event, Draft Rumble, is a 6-player Battle Royale that utilizes an HP system instead of rounds to claim victory. This works by each player starting with three hearts, where each loss, loses one heart. Then the game moves along until the last player standing wins.

The “draft” part of the game works by starting you off to select between two random Hero and Mini pairs. Then for the next four rounds, you’ll be able to choose between another two random Minis to add to your team before the match begins.

Screenshot of the random draft pick between two Minis.

And if you don’t like your options, you can use the Refresh button to give you another set of two to pick from for a max of three times. The randomness of this mode really tests your deck-building skills on the fly and forces players to battle in a variety of different ways.

When comparing it to regular modes, it can be a great way to break out of the meta since you can’t exactly plan on what Troops to use. The life system also gives you time to catch up to the leader or a second chance for the Gold.

Upcoming Events

Coming in May will be the Double Hero Draft mode and Double Hero Mega Draft in June. The rules of these new modes are not explicitly stated yet. Though from using our knowledge of their titles and the current event, it won’t be in a rumble format.

Instead, it could possibly be Duels with the same draft/random mechanic using two Heroes. As for the Mega Draft, that might be similar to the regular one but with even more Minis!


Screenshot of the Clash Mini Event Pass rewards.

The rewards are organized a bit differently than what you might expect. Instead of directly earning prizes after matches, you earn Event Tokens. These tokens move you along the free or premium Event Pass which has rewards tied to certain markers just like the Mini Pass.

Generally, the better you place in matches, the more Tokens and Medals you earn to progress through the Pass and get higher in the Event leaderboards. Plus, there are you periodically get Reward Boosters that increase the number of tokens you get!

Overall, this new Event feature will be a great addition to Clash Mini as a whole which can offer new and exciting ways to play the game and compete mid-season. It opens up another way to gain rewards as well as play casually without having to put your regular trophies on the line.

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