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Cookie Run: Kingdom New Oyster Cookie, Odyssey Chapter, and More

Cookie Run: Kingdom is back at it again with another update to the game! The key new features include:

  • Oyster Cookie, a brand new Super Epic Support Cookie
  • Odyssey Chapter 2
  • New decorations
  • Several new costumes
  • New Cookie Bond

Oyster Cookie

Oyster Cookie is the new cookie that you can get in this update. She is a Super Epic, only the second one to be added to the game, and holds the role of Support. From the back of your party, she summons an army to fight your enemies while buffing your team, increasing your CRIT% and CRIT DMG.

The soldiers Oyster Cookie summons come with a shield on them, preventing Knockbacks and Flying attacks until the shield is broken. In addition to preventing those types of damage, the soldiers also have extra DEF as long as the shield is active.

A unique feature of Oyster Cookie is that cooldown reduction does not benefit her in the same way it does everyone else. Instead of reducing her cooldown, increased cooldown reduction makes her army stronger. The effects of cooldown reduction for her army are:

  • Every 18.1% cooldown reduction summons an extra soldier, to a maximum of 4 soldiers.
  • Every 10% of cooldown reduction increases the ATK of soldiers by 0.9%, to a maximum of 50%.

There may or may not be typos in these ability descriptions, as these create some insane cooldown reduction requirements to try and get the best possible army, but that may be intentional.

This cookie will likely shake things up at least a little bit. Specifically, making a team full of cookies that summon support units is becoming easier over time as more cookies release that summon.

Your main method of earning Oyster Cookie shards, or even the full Cookie herself, will be through the new event involving obtaining and spending Oyster Emblems.

Odyssey Chapter 2

A sequel to the original Odyssey Chapter 1 is finally out! This new gameplay mode is more story-focused with events unlocked from completing missions. Chapter 2 is participated in with the same types of missions that Chapter 2 had.

In order to unlock Chapter 2, you must complete Day 5 of Chapter 1 first. Chapter 2 does not use the same quills as Chapter 1, so you don’t need to worry about holding onto your quills before completing the first chapter.

Other New Content

Several other minor changes, additions, and bug fixes were in this update as well.

A new decoration set was added called The Republic’s Azure Streets, which includes the lustrous new Waterfall of Contemplation. There are also 2 new Cookie House designs.

There are 7 new costumes added.

  • [EPIC] Pure Vanilla Cookie’s Pastel Blue
  • [EPIC] Red Velvet Cookie’s Cake Stylist
  • [EPIC] Espresso Cookie’s Classy Ceremonial Suit
  • [EPIC] Madeleine Cookie’s Elegant Knight Vestments
  • [RARE] Blackberry Cookie’s Inescapable Black
  • [RARE] Werewolf Cookie’s Hype Beast Within
  • [COMMON] Beet Cookie’s Casual Hunter

There is a new Cookie Bond story called Report of One Fine Day Off, which requires unlocking and starring up Pure Vanilla Cookie, Espresso Cookie, Red Velvet Cookie, Cotton Cookie, and Parfait Cookie.

The following Cookies received adjustments:

  • Red Velvet Cookie’s HP is increased and skill cooldown is decreased.
  • Werewolf Cookie’s ATK, DEF, and HP is increased. Skill lasts longer, has a chance to stun, and makes Werewolf resistant to interrupting effects while transformed.
  • Blackberry Cookie’s ATK, DEF, and HP is increased. Skill buff lasts longer and is more potent.
  • Beet Cookie’s ATK, DEF, and HP is increased. Skill now also reduces healing received by the target hit.

There are 3 new titles in the game: Unbreakable Shield, All-Conquering Blade, and Arena Avenger.

Damage Text in battles now has a new icon to stand out.

And finally a bunch of bugs were fixed, the list of which can be found on the in-game announcement.

Lots of stuff was added in this update, so be sure to login and check it all out!