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Cookie Run: Kingdom Now On Noff!

Devsisters’ huge hit game, Cookie Run: Kingdom, is now on Noff! This game is for you if you’re into just about anything. They’ve got cool, cute, action, strategy, role-playing game mechanics, storytelling, and kingdom building all in a single game. And the best of it all? It’s themed after cookies! How can you go wrong with that?

Cookie Run: Kingdom is available on both Google Play and iOS, so as long as you have just about any phone, you can hope in and feast on the delicious action.

Cookie Run: Kingdom is about a kingdom that has fallen victim to a harbinger of darkness, causing all the lands to erupt into chaos and allowing all to fall to evil. You start as a lowly little gingerbread man cookie, named GingerBrave, and set out to save the entire kingdom from evil. GingerBrave was the very first cookie to escape from the Witch’s oven. The official story explains, “It is unknown how this Cookie came to life, but rumor has it that the Witch accidentally used magic powder instead of ginger powder.” Oops! Seems like the Witch may end up regretting that mistake!

There’s a ton of content for players to participate in when playing this game and, in order to become the best and beat the story, you’re going to need to participate in a pretty large amount of it. That’s right. You’re going to need to build up your kingdom take down evil across the lands at the same time. There’s plenty of optional content as well, such as climbing the Tower of Sweet Chaos (is it really sweet though?).

During your expedition to save everyone across the lands, we’re here to act as your resource for all things Cookie Run: Kingdom.


Cookie Run: Kingdom Cookies
Cookie Run: Kingdom Cookies

Cookie Run: Kingdom has a large plethora of Cookies in the game that you’ll be able to unlock. Each Cookie has a unique look, skill, and personality. Many cookies even have costumes to expand on their personality even more! Don’t worry, these costumes have no effect on gameplay—they’re just for looks.

To help you navigate your way through the many cookies and everything about them, we have our Cookie Run: Kingdom Character List so you can check them all out. This should help you pre-emptively decide what cookies you want on your team, whether it’s because you think a specific set of cookies make a powerful team together or you just want a bunch of thematically similar cookies that look delicious to you.

Regardless of what you’re planning, we have each Cookie and their story, skill, and costumes for viewing. Some Cookies have super playful stories while others have quite depressing stories, so try not to get too lost in the encapsulating storytelling!


Cookie Run: Kingdom Treasures
Cookie Run: Kingdom Treasures

In addition to just Cookies for your team, you also bring Treasures with you into battle that augment your team. We have a wonderful Cookie Run: Kingdom Treasures List for you to look at so you can decide which ones you want the most. It can be super hard to determine which ones you want to bring because so many of them sound so powerful. Luckily, them all sounding powerful means it can be hard to make a bad decision, keeping the game nice and easy to play.

There are two types of a treasures that you can bring: Passive and Active. Passive treasures act as a constant buff for your team. A +20% DEF Passive Treasure means your team will always have +20% DEF. These are super useful treasures for keeping you constantly empowered. Active treasures, on the other hand, are activated in battle to give a special effect. These treasures may heal you, for example, but they also have a cooldown so they can only be used so often.

Plan your treasures carefully to try and keep your team of sugary cookies alive as long as possible. Active treasures are often powerful but have to recharge, so are you going to bring a bunch of those? Or are you going to try and play it safer with Passive treasures?


Cookie Run: Kingdom Toppings
Cookie Run: Kingdom Toppings

When powering up your Cookies, you unlock the option to put toppings on them. Yes, that’s right, you get to put some delicious sounding toppings on the already delicious sounding cookies! Who wouldn’t want a Caramel topped Avocado Cookie? No one? Just me? Okay, well there’s other options too!

Toppings provide passive stat increases to the cookie they’re equipped with. One topping provides ATK, while another provides CRIT%. Others provide just about any stat in the game that you’d want for a Cookie. If you’re focused heavily on ATK, you can go all out on equipping ATK toppings in all five slots that you unlock to maximize your Cookie’s power. Meanwhile you may want your healer or support Cookie to maximize their Cooldown reduction so they can heal more often.

Toppings come in three different sizes: XS, S, and M. The larger the topping size, the more rare it is, but the more stats you can get from it. Leveling up toppings not only increases the stat that it provides to a high number, but it also unlocks random stat increases that compliment the topping. You could have a single topping that gives you ATK, DEF, HP, and Cooldown reduction!

To help give you an idea of the different toppings out there, we have our Cookie Run: Kingdom Toppings List so you can see the options, the stats from leveling, and set bonuses from equipping multiple of the same topping type.

Get To Saving!

We have a few other pages you may find beneficial, such as our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page or our Cookie Run: Kingdom Glossary so you can see what all the different terms in the game mean, such as Silence or Zap.

Well, what are you waiting for? Go start your adventure as a Cookie and get to saving the lands! It’s why we’re playing and definitely not because we want to just look at different scrumptious cookies and toppings while deciding what to bake for dessert after dinner.