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Deck Checker, Mini Matchups, and More

With over a year of the Clash Mini beta and over 1500 decks made on the site, we’ve been excited to share our biggest update yet which adds some awesome features we’ve been wanting for a while. This first includes a brand new tool to elevate our Deck Builder

The Deck Checker

Screenshot of the Deck Checker

Now when selecting units, the checker will recommend some of the best Minis that are strong against your deck’s biggest weaknesses. On top of that, our data also provides additional info with the Final Balance Check to help you understand the versatility and effectiveness of the deck. This can help new players learn how to build a strong team and gives experienced players more data to play with.

But that’s not all we’ve added for Decks. Now at the bottom of every finished Deck guide, you can view the new Advanced Stats that showcase the deck’s strengths, counters, elixir distribution, and more.

Screenshot of the Advanced Deck Stats

So with all these new tools, we also added an option to post your decks as “private” if you want to store your secret decks or save your unfinished guides as drafts.

Screenshot of a private deck

Mini Matchup

A new page has also been added to the site, the Troop comparison tool, Mini Matchup!

With this new feature, you can easily compare two Units by viewing their stats side-by-side. It also shows the Mini or Hero’s unique traits and provides a calculated overview of which one should KO the other first.

This tool can be a great way to help you decide which Mini you want in your deck or view the difference between your level 9 Countess that got destroyed by that level 15 Skeleton King that one time.

Overall, it’s been awesome to build things for the Clash Mini community, and we can’t wait to watch the game progress. We hope these tools can help all types of players and are excited to keep making the site better.

With all these new additions, we’d also love to hear your feedback on the Deck Checker or if you have any new suggestions for the site at our Discord here.