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Noff Launch

Welcome to our new site! We’re here to dedicate ourselves to gaming. Specifically, we wanted to put together a site that would help you keep up with specific game news, learn about the data that’s in those games, and even search for user statistics where applicable.

For the start of our site, we’re launching with Boom Beach: Frontlines support. We go over what cards are in the game, what their stats are, and what it costs to level them up. We also cover things like the headquarters of the game, all the available maps (or operations) in the game, details on how ranking in the game works, and more. We intend on adding more over time, so if you can think of something we’re not covering that you’d like to see, let us know and we’ll see what we can do!

We’re also launching with a Discord server. The link is both here and in the footer of our site. This server serves two main purposes. The first reason is to be in contact with us easier. If you experience issues on the site, want games added, want site features, or whatever it is you can think of, this is the easiest way to let us know. It’s also the easiest place for us to inform people of upcoming updates or problems we’re aware of. The second reason is so you all can be in communication with each other. If you’re using our site for, say, Boom Beach: Frontlines, it can be nice for you to be able to chat with other people doing the same thing and even squad up for games. A note to go along with this is that we are not developers of the games we support on the site. If you have any problems with the games themselves, it’s best to bring those up to those developers in whatever way they created for bug reporting.

Welcome to the site!