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Warcraft Rumble Build Contest for Season 3!

1 random Blackrock Leader, 1 random Blackrock Mini, 300 coins.

NOFF.GG is having its very first build guide contest for a chance to win a free Blackrock Family Coin Pack! This includes:

  • 1 Random Blackrock Leader
  • 1 Random Blackrock Mini
  • 300 Coins

1/24 – 1/30

How to Enter:

  1. Go to and post an awesome, unique build!
  2. Join our Discord server and post your build link to the #wr-build-contest channel.

(Both steps are required)


  • Your build guide must be made for PvP.
  • Your build guide must be original.
  • Your build guide must be created on or after January 24th.
  • We will only judge one build per person, so choose wisely!
  • The last day to submit a build is January 30th, midnight Pacific time (GMT -8).
  • Five winners will be announced the next day, January 31st, selected by NOFF.
  • Codes for the prize (provided by Blizzard) will be sent via Discord and can be redeemed on #WarcraftRumblePartner

Tips for Making a Winning Build Guide:

  • Provide a clear description of the strategy of your build.
  • Provide tips and a detailed guide on how to play each Mini to carry out your strategy.
  • Describe your build’s counters and how to deal with them.
  • Be creative! Meta builds are nice, but it’s just as fun to counter meta builds or find new ways to play.
  • Be polished! While not required to win, good language, formatting, and perhaps even a video link can elevate your build above the rest.