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About Our Tournaments

Hosting a tournament with Noff is an easy way to get people involved in the gaming community. Here you can set up a tournament of as little as 8 players to as much as 256! Winners of each tournament also get a nice badge on their profile that marks how many tournaments they've won for first, second, and third place. As a host, you can also choose to add some additional rewards for winning the tournament. Just be sure to mention it in your description.

If you're looking to take your tournament to the next level, we can officially sponsor a tournament for you. These tournaments will be expected to be larger and have real rewards associated with them. If you're interested, reach out to us through our Contact Form or on our Discord so we can chat.

How to Host a Tournament

  1. First, head to the Create Tournament page. There you can enter in all the details on the tournament including what game it's for, how many players will be able to join, and when it will start. It's also good to fill out the Overview to add the rules and general information on the tournament.
  2. Once you are finished, you can either save the tournament as a draft or publish it immediately from the two buttons below on the page.
  3. If saved as a draft, you can access your created tournament using the View Your Tournaments link on the Tournaments Home page. While in the draft, you can keep editing the details like the title and more. Then once it is ready, just click the Publish Tournament button.
  4. When the tournament is published, players can start joining. You will be able to remove participants using the Manage Participants button at the bottom.
  5. Signups will automatically be closed either by the tournament getting filled up or when it reaches the signup deadline.
  6. Once you are ready to start the tournament, click on the Start Tournament button at the bottom. This will now allow players to check in to the tournament using the Check In button. If a player has checked in, a checkmark will show up next to their name on the first bracket round.
  7. To set the scores of the players in their match, simply click on the match to open up the Edit Bracket window. After setting each player's score, click the Save Bracket button and the player with the higher score will automatically be moved up to the next bracket. Tip: If working with simple wins and losses, you can Alt+Click on the winner of a match to quickly send them up to the next bracket.
  8. If both players in a match do not check in or complete their match, you can save both of their scores as 0 to disqualify them.
  9. Once the tournament has finished and the scores of the Final bracket have been saved, you can click on the End Tournament button to finalize the tournament. This will then automatically display the first, second, and third place winners on the page.