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Arclight Rumble Blackrock Mountain

Most Suggested Minis


Molten Mining CampVolchan

It's easy to track this massive
Molten Giant through Searing Gorge
by trailing his Burning Steppes.


Omnotron Omnotron

Defeat all four Dark Iron Golems!

Dark Iron home security systems:
A golem for every room in the house.

Emperor Thaurissan

Keepers of FlameEmperor Thaurissan

If Bronzebeard was your father in law, you'd want to smash things with
fiery hammers too.

Rend Blackhand

Blackrock StadiumRend Blackhand

"How quaint that your clan has
only managed to tame wolves.
The true Horde ride Drakes!"

General Drakkisath

Dragonspire HallGeneral Drakkisath

What would you do for a
Blackrock Clan banner?
Don't ask him - you won't like the answer.