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Am I fighting a bot or a person? How can I tell?

There's no fully reliable way of knowing. However in lower ranks bots are more likely to appear compared to real players.

What is snapping?

Snapping is when a player doubles the amount of cubes being bet on a game. Both players can snap in a game only once. At the end of the game the number of cubes being bet is doubled again automatically.

What does upgrading cards do?

Upgrading cards changes their appearance such as breaking the frame and applying 3d effects. Upgrading cards helps increase your collection level, which can unlock more cards, variations, credits, and other items.

How can I tell who plays first each turn?

The person who plays on a turn first will have his or her name glowing.

Does the order of cards matter?

Yes. Any card's ongoing effect will affect cards played right after on that same turn. The on reveal effect will affect cards you had played on that same turn right before.

What are card pools? How do I unlock them?

Every collectable card is assigned into a pool with other cards. The only way to collect cards in a specific pool is to collect all the cards of the previous pool.

There's a card that I saw that's not in the game. How do I collect it?

Not all cards that have been leaked online are in game yet.