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All Clash Mini Characters That Can Buff Your Team

Screenshot of Clash Mini and Barbarian King buffing its team.

There are a lot of different Heroes and Minis each with their own abilities that make them stronger. Some, though, also have the power to make their teammates stronger.

In this list, we have all the Clash Mini characters that can be used to help boost your teammates.

Archer Queen
Archer Queen’s second ability, Inspire, increases the speed of allies for a short time. This could be great for pairing other ranged Minis next to her for a good burst of attacks.

Barbarian King
BK’s first ability, Iron Fist, increases the damage of all allies for a short time. This is a great buff for the team because the Minis will receive it anywhere on the board. This opens up the opportunity to have units spread around without needing to worry if they will get the buff or not.

Barb’s 3rd star ability, Roar, adds +1 attack to nearby allies for a short time. This is a pretty good buff since barb could be useful in the back or the front.

Battle Healer
Her Super ability, First Aid, heals nearby allies for 6 HP. Plus, her 3rd star, Cheer, also gives out 1 Energy to those allies.

Electro Wizard
E Wiz’s 2nd star ability, Charger, grants 2 Energy to nearby allies in the same row. This is great for pairing up with other ranged units that use Energy like Archer Queen or Royal Champion.

Golden Giant
His 2nd star, Infinite Helmet, is sort of unique. With this ability, he can heal nearby allies for 4 HP over 2s when knocked out. It may not be the best upgrade to rely on, however, since you’d need him KO’d with allies near him for it to take into effect.

Healing Ranger
Healing Ranger has two abilities that can help allies. Her Super, Healing Spear, heals allies for 4 HP. Her 3rd star ability, Inspire, increases allies’ speed for a short time.

His Super ability, Rage Potion, has him toss a potion to the closest ally that increases their speed. This can be a great buff for your team. However, it can be slightly unpredictable on who he throws it to.

It may help to upgrade to his 3rd star which allows him to throw it at the beginning of a match. Then you can place him near the units you’d like to receive it.

Royal Ghost
Royal Ghost’s 2nd star, Ghost Army, is a really unique buff. On start of match, it grants invisibility to nearby allies for a short time. This allows for those units to not be targeted by enemies while it’s active.

Overall, there’s lots of options you could use from these characters to come up with different strategies and decks. Having some sort of Mini or Hero that boosts the strength of your team may be the pivotal factor that gets you the win.

If you’d also like to check out the other units and their abilities you can head to our Clash Mini characters page to view their stats, what they do, and more.