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Clash Mini Characters

Learn about abilities, range, dps, and more for Clash Mini characters, including all Heroes and Minis.

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About Clash Mini Heroes and Minis

Clash Mini has several heroes and an ever growing number of minis. Your heroes act as your primary leader for your team. You begin all matches with your hero placed on the field already for you to move to wherever you'd like. Having a good and well-placed hero can bring you to victory in this real time auto battler.

In Clash Mini, minis are the supporting characters in the game that you bring to assist your heroes in clashing against an opponent. Regardless of the game mode that you play, it's important to bring a good team of units so you players can position their favorite characters and watch them fight for victory.

There are multiple units you can bring to try and create your perfect team, similar to how you may have done so for other games in the Clash universe, such as Clash Royale or Clash of Clans. You may prefer a Giant Skeleton for that melee attacking unit that can take hits and a Healing Ranger to act as your battle healer. Place your units and then watch them come to life and conquer your opponents!

This page on Noff is dedicated to helping you browse through the large selection of Clash Mini characters whether their Minis or Heroes. When searching through them, you can press on any to view more advanced information on them. On that following page, we display each individual skill's description for that unit as well as their stats, such as damage per hit and attack speed. We'll even recommend other similar units to the one you're looking at to potentially help in your team building.

If you're looking for a specific Hero or Mini, we have several filtering options at the top for you to help narrow down the character you're looking for. This includes a search field, where you can search by name, and filter buttons to help you search by character type.

We also give you a quick cost-at-a-glance on the page for each Mini so you can quickly check to see if a specific combination of characters may cost too much to use together at the same time. This excludes the heroes due to them not having costs and being automatically placed into matches at the beginning.

See an error somewhere on one of the pages, such as maybe a stat that's incorrect? You can head over to our Support page to email us or join our Discord and let us know in our bug-reports channel so we can get it fixed as soon as possible!