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Build Checker Launch

We have added the Noff Build Checker to Warcraft Rumble! This is a massive upgrade that is sure to improve your success while playing the game.

The Build Checker is able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of any build, including counter picks for any team. It will also make recommendations for which leaders, troops, and talents you should use to both shore up your defenses and take advantage of your team’s synergies.

There are two important things to know about the Build Checker. First, it has been added to every Warcraft Rumble build already on Noff. Second, it works in real time to guide you as you make new builds. Let’s take a look at both of these ways of using it.

For Existing Builds

Every Warcraft Rumble build now shows the following additional information:

Build Rating – This is the build’s playstyle at a glance. Power builds will be strong in lane or tower offense. It will also indicate an overview of your defenses, and the Sabotage bar keeps a tally of traits and talents designed to play tricks on an opponent.

Screenshot of the Build Checker 'Build Rating' section, which includes Lane Offense, Tower Offense, Lane Defense, Tower Defense, and Sabotage.

Strengths and Weaknesses – Not every deck can cover all possibilities. The Build Checker looks at every trait and talent in a build and compares it against every other possible build. It shows you not only the general traits and playstyles that would give you trouble, but the specific leaders and troops a build would beat or struggle against.

Screenshot of the Build Checker 'Weak Against' section.

Theorycrafting – On any build page, press the Build Checker button to load it into the Build Checker itself. Here, you can add or remove leaders, troops, and talents to see how the build stats change. You don’t even need to be logged in!

The Build Creator

This is where it gets really good. The Noff Build Creator with the real-time Build Checker pretty much works like magic. Just like checking an existing build in the Build Checker, every leader, troop, and talent you add changes the calculus for recommendations based on the strengths, weaknesses, and synergies of any given team.

Screenshot of the Build Creator.

Recommended Leaders – Don’t know which leader to pick? Plug in the troops you want and you’ll be presented with a selection of leaders based on the attributes of those troops. The recommendation engine is smart enough to know whether you need to cover a major weakness or if it’d be better to take advantage of a leader’s synergy. As an example, a leader that empowers spell casting will be more highly recommended if your build contains a lot of spells. You can tap a recommendation to automatically add it.

Screenshot of the Build Checker 'Recommended Leaders' section.

Recommended Troops – The other side of the coin. Troop recommendations are constantly refreshed as you add other characters to your team. Just like the leader recommendations, troops are considered for their ability to cover your build’s weaknesses as well as how well they work with other members of the team. For instance, if another leader or troop in the build synergizes with Undead troops, Undead troops will be more highly recommended. You can tap a recommendation to add it to your build in an appropriate empty slot.

Screenshot of the Build Checker 'Recommended Troops' section.

Recommended Talents – If there is an unfilled talent slot in your build, the Build Checker will recommend talents as well. Just like for leaders and troops, talent selection is based on the rest of the units in your build. Likewise, you can add a talent and it will inform leader and troop recommendations as well. Tap a talent recommendation to automatically choose it for the appropriate unit.

Screenshot of the Build Checker 'Recommended Talents' section.

Weak To – The Build Checker will keep track of any traits your team composition is weak to. The five biggest weaknesses are displayed here. An example from my own experience in the single player campaign, I discovered a build I was using was severely weak to area damage and it explained why a certain mission was more difficult than it had to be.

Screenshot of the Build Checker 'Weak Against' section.

Counter Picks – Great for PvP, the Build Checker looks at your strengths and weaknesses and plays your build against all possibilities. The counter picks presented here are those which the math says would have the easiest time in a theoretical matchup with your build. Remember to compare this list against the most popular tier lists to get an understanding of what you’re up against.

Screenshot of the Build Checker 'Counter Picks' section.

Balance Check – This list acts as a final sanity check for your build. It looks at the two rock-paper-scissors mechanics in Warcraft Rumble and reminds you if you’ve missed one of them. If you forget to add a flying unit, for example, it will let you know. It also tallies up your tanks and damage dealers and informs you if you have enough of each.

Screenshot of the Build Checker 'Balance Check' section.

What’s Next

This feature, like so many before it, is the result of suggestions from players like you. We had a blast making this one happen! If you’re not already in our Discord, join us and let us know what you’d like to see added to Noff. Of course, please also give us feedback about what can be improved about the new Build Checker feature as you use it. We’re excited to see what you come up with!