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Warcraft Rumble Tier List

Welcome to our Warcraft Rumble tier list and tierlist creator! This guide can help you choose the best Minis when starting out or building a deck. And with over 65 troops, there's a lot to take in. So, we also have a list of the most used Minis based on community builds.

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About The Warcraft Rumble Tier List

Leaders Tier List

Baron Rivendare

At a cost of 4, Baron Rivendare is at S tier for his great value and powerful leader ability. With Baron in your deck, he will periodically summon Skeletons without him even being in play. This is such a good passive that keeps pressure on your opponent. And with his Chill of the Grave talent, it makes the Skeletons that much more useful being Mages.

Rend Blackhand

Rend starts out flying on Gyth, a Drake with the same damage and health as the regular Mini. This makes Blackhand a great value because he'll hop off when Gyth dies.

Plus when he's in play, Fliers will cost 1 less Gold. This allows for strong pushes with flying troops, which when countered, Rend can dismount and attack them on the ground.

Tirion Fordring

Tirion is currently the best healer in the game and the only healing Leader. At a cost of 4, this allows you to create large pushes of squads or damage dealers that last a lot longer compared to on their own. This can be vital for win conditions and controlling the map.

Maiev Shadowsong

Maiev is great at dealing AOE damage and is the only unbound Leader in the game. This makes her very powerful against squads and supporting tanks. Her ability also decreases her cost of gold by 1 for each unbound Mini played. However, at a starting cost of 6, this means she needs other unbound Mini's in her army to be most effective.

Minis Tier List

S Tier

S.A.F.E. Pilot

S.A.F.E. Pilot is an unbound ranged Mini that does elemental AOE damage and crash damage when placed on top of enemies. At a cost of 3, this can be helpful in almost every build. One of her talents also grants Stealth and Ambush which basically guarantees another high-damage hit.


Quilboar is cheap unit that can be useful for so many scenarios. Because he's Unbound, he can be used to steal chests, distract opponents, and tank anywhere on the map.

Gryphon Rider

Gryphon RiderGryphon Rider is a great option for a flying Mini at a cheap cost of 2. She can deal some good damage and has a talent that increases her range by 3.

Defias Bandits

With stealth and stun, these two Bandits are such a good value for 1 gold. They can be great for cycling through a deck, pushing up front to stun enemies, and grabbing chests. And with their Pick Lock ability, they can earn an extra 2 gold from chests making them that much worth it.

A Tier


With a cost of 5, Huntress can seem somewhat expensive. But because of her speed and ranged glaives she can be a big help for taking out squads and catching up to allies.

Whelp Eggs

Whelp Eggs are one of the only flying Minis that deal elemental damage to ground and air troops. They can be great for protecting your base or quickly dropping on an armored tank where you need them.


These fliers can be weak when countered, but against melee troops and tanks they can destroy. Harpies can be a quick and effective way to stop an opponent from reaching your base when planned correctly.


At a cost of 3, Pyromancer is great for dealing ranged AOE damage. This makes her useful for countering squads on the ground or in the air.

Stonehoof Tauren

Stonehoof Tauren is fantastic for being upfront in big pushes. She has tons of health for the cost and is great for dealing damage against other single melee enemies.

B Tier


Abomination has the highest health in the game. And because of his cleave attack, this makes him one of the strongest tanks since you won't have to worry about squads tearing him down

Bat Rider

Bat Rider is a cheap flier to counter against squads and enemies on the ground, especially if they are armored.


Necromancer is a solid choice for a ranged Undead Mini. With his summing powers, it can be useful to protect him and other allies nearby, especially if he has the Jeweled Skulls talent to summon Mages instead.

C Tier

Gnoll Brute

Gnoll Brute can be a good choice early in the game as a tank and to counter squads. But until he has a talent, he won't be as strong compared to his other counterparts.


Prowler may not be the strongest melee Mini. But he can be very useful for stealing chests or catching up to allies with his fast speed.

D Tier

Ogre Mage

Ogre Mage can be useful if needing a ranged AOE troop with a bit more health. But compared to other Minis like Pyromancer and S.A.F.E. Pilot it's not worth the cost difference.

Angry Chickens

Angry Chickens can be good in some situations. But, they are a relatively easy squad to counter because of how weak they are.

About the Ranks

Warcraft Rumble is an immense game with a multitude of leaders and troops that can be combined in an infinite number of ways. If you're just now starting out, this guide can help you focus on acquiring spells and characters the community deems most beneficial.

Tierlists give you a general idea of what's considered good and bad. Of course, this doesn't tell the whole story. Your own playstyle will greatly influence what works and what doesn't. You will find many clever builds on this site that prove low-tier troops can be the deciding factor in a strong team comp.

If you'd like to contribute to the accuracy of this list, let us know on our Discord.

Tier lists are structured in the following categories:

S+ - Overpowered. So good they break the game.

S - Top-tier. Generally considered the best and most common choices.

A - Great. Worthwhile in their own right, but especially as a compliment to more powerful units.

B - Good. You won't be unhappy choosing these units, and you might even find they synergize well with others.

C - Okay. Typically, average units whose inclusion begins to limit your skill ceiling.

D - Bad. Situational at best.

F - Bottom-tier. Considered a detriment to your build.

Tier List FAQ

What are the best Leaders in Warcraft Rumble?

According to top players in our community, the best leaders to play are Baron Rivendare, Rend Blackhand, Tirion Fordring, Maiev Shadowsong, and Cairne Bloodhoof.

What are the best Minis or Troops in Warcraft Rumble?

According to top players in our community, the best minis or troops to play are Gryphon Rider, Quilboar, S.A.F.E. Pilot, Defias Bandits, and Whelp Eggs.

How did you choose your top tier Minis for Warcraft Rumble?

We've played a lot of Warcraft Rumble since the beginning. This is what works best for us! What works best for you may be different. Create your own tier list and share it with us! Maybe you'll convince us to replace our suggestions with yours.

Your list is wrong. Can I make my own tier list?

Yes! Press the Create Your Own button above!

How do I use the tierlist maker?

Drag Warcraft minis from the bottom of the blank chart up to the tier categories above. When you're done, tap the Save button and download the image.

How often do top tier characters change?

Certainly major game updates shift things around, but it can also happen between updates when players discover new techniques. We'll keep our tiers updated as the community grows, but you might want to search the internet for other players using the NOFF tier list generator in case there's something new and exciting.