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Warcraft Rumble Tier List

Rend BlackhandTirion FordringHarpiesBlackrock PyromancerQuilboarHuntressStonehoof TaurenS.A.F.E. PilotDrakeWhelp Eggs
Maiev ShadowsongJaina ProudmooreBaron RivendareOld Murk-EyeGeneral DrakkisathBloodmage ThalnosEarth ElementalRaptorsMeat WagonFlamewakerFirehammerBat RiderAbominationFrostwolf ShamanNecromancerProwlerDefias BanditsDeep Breath
SneedHarvest GolemDarkspear TrollSkeleton PartyWorgenGargoyleOgre MageDark Iron MinerMountaineerGryphon RiderGnoll BruteGoblin SapperPlague FarmerMurloc TidehuntersCore HoundsBansheeHoly NovaBlizzardChain Lightning
Grommash HellscreamHoggerCairne BloodhoofWarsong GruntsSpiderlingsGhoulFire ElementalFootmenSkeletonsWarsong RaiderVulturesCheat DeathPolymorphExecute
Charlga RazorflankAngry ChickensMolten GiantSmoke BombArcane BlastLiving Bomb

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About The Warcraft Rumble Tier List

Warcraft Rumble is an immense game with a multitude of leaders and troops that can be combined in an infinite number of ways. If you're just now starting out, this guide can help you focus on acquiring spells and characters the community deems most beneficial.

Tierlists give you a general idea of what's considered good and bad. Of course, this doesn't tell the whole story. Your own playstyle will greatly influence what works and what doesn't. You will find many clever builds on this site that prove low-tier troops can be the deciding factor in a strong team comp.

If you'd like to contribute to the accuracy of this list, let us know on our Discord.

Tier lists are structured in the following categories:

S+ - Overpowered. So good they break the game.

S - Top-tier. Generally considered the best and most common choices.

A - Great. Worthwhile in their own right, but especially as a compliment to more powerful units.

B - Good. You won't be unhappy choosing these units, and you might even find they synergize well with others.

C - Okay. Typically, average units whose inclusion begins to limit your skill ceiling.

D - Bad. Situational at best.

F - Bottom-tier. Considered a detriment to your build.

Tier List FAQ

What are the best Leaders in Warcraft Rumble?

According to top players in our community, the best leaders to play are Rend Blackhand, Tirion Fordring, Maiev Shadowsong, Jaina Proudmoore, and Baron Rivendare.

What are the best Minis or Troops in Warcraft Rumble?

According to top players in our community, the best minis or troops to play are Harpies, Blackrock Pyromancer, Quilboar, Huntress, and Stonehoof Tauren.

How did you choose your top tier Minis for Warcraft Rumble?

We've played a lot of Warcraft Rumble since the beginning. This is what works best for us! What works best for you may be different. Create your own tier list and share it with us! Maybe you'll convince us to replace our suggestions with yours.

Your list is wrong. Can I make my own tier list?

Yes! Press the Create Your Own button above!

How do I use the tierlist maker?

Drag Warcraft minis from the bottom of the blank chart up to the tier categories above. When you're done, tap the Save button and download the image.

How often do top tier characters change?

Certainly major game updates shift things around, but it can also happen between updates when players discover new techniques. We'll keep our tiers updates as the community grows, but you might want to search the internet for other players using the NOFF tier list generator in case there's something new and exciting.

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