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How to Join Clash Mini Tournaments and Its Future of Esports

The new Supercell game, Clash Mini, has been very popular during its beta. With different strategies, exciting gameplay, and competitive dueling, it has great potential for high-level play.

If you’re a fan of the game and enjoy putting your skills to the test, there are already some great tournaments going on that might be of interest. Some of which, have prizes up to $100 for first place winners.

You can find many of these on various Discords like Mini Clashers, Clash Mini Community, and ours here at Noff. Most have you register on their Discord or website to get matched up with another player on the bracket.

With that info, you can use the Mini Rooms to play a game against the person you are facing. After the match, you’ll most likely need to screenshot the end game results and show it off to the hosts.

Screenshot of the Mini Room dialog

Some tourneys have certain restrictions, however, to keep things either exciting or more fair for players. For instance, some may only allow 2 and 3 elixir Minis or only allow a certain level of Hero.

This is because the game is still early in development, so there’s not much set up for tournaments besides the Mini Rooms. It also explains why some events require a more manual approach because of the lack of spectating and player match history.

The future of esports is not out of the picture though, despite its fun and casual appeal. From an interview by YouTuber Taziey, the community manager for Clash Mini, Vlad, said, “competitive side and esports side of things is obviously something that would happen, probably down the line, when the game goes global.”

Because of the “mini” stature that this game is he also stated to “expect [the] format to be very different.” I think it will be a refreshing take on how they tackle esports with their main goal to make it fun compared to a serious tone other games give off.

If you are still interested in competing in events yourself, we here at Noff have a dedicated page for tournaments including ones with prizes that we host ourselves.

So keep in touch and we’ll have more news and tourneys as the exciting esports of Clash Mini unfolds!