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New Cookie Run: Kingdom Content, New Noff Features

We have a great new feature for Cookie Run: Kingdom on Noff. In addition, Cookie Run: Kingdom just had a content update a few days ago that added some new features. Check out the information below!

Noff’s Team Builder

Noff now supports Team Building! That’s right, as long as you’re signed in, you can create a team and share it with everyone. You can be incredibly specific or incredibly vague with these teams, but the more specific you are, the higher likelihood of receiving upvotes from other users, so if you make a team, try and detail it as much as possible.

You can also view all the teams people have made, filtered by game mode, so that if you’re not interested in building and just looking for that right team, you can. Be sure to upvote the teams you find particularly helpful!

When you create a team, you select the game mode that it’s for, then add your cookies, your toppings, and your treasures. Below the team selection, we have an optional Guide text area so you can be more detailed if you desire. This can be a useful place to share things like “Dark Cacao can substitute Sea Fairy in this team composition,” or “Make sure you manually play and use Mango’s immediately when the boss comes out.” This can be the best place to truly detail how your team should be used.

Just below the Guide section is a Counters section, something that can be particularly useful to fill out for things like the Arena. Here you can list some shorthand examples of scenarios where your team can perform well in, as well as scenarios where your team might not perform well in. This can help a user know, when using your team, to ignore a certain other team setup in the Arena or they’ll just wipe the floor with your team.

This is a brand new feature and we’re super excited to get it into the community’s hands, so go ahead and check it out! If you have any feedback on it, you can let us know on our Support page or our Discord.

Cookie Run: Kingdom’s New Content

In addition to this exciting new feature on our site, Cookie Run: Kingdom also just released a new update with some exciting new things to try in the game.

First and maybe the most exciting, Caramel Arrow Cookie has made her way into the fray. This new Cookie not only looks super cool, but she has a unique skillset. She’s an Archer, but she comes up in the front row. The main reason for this is that her skill has her leap behind your entire team and start raining arrows on the entire enemy team. After several shots, she charges back to the front, dealing damage that’s based on a percentage of the enemy’s maximum health. That’s right, the more health your enemy has, the more damage this skill can do!

Another big part of this update was the inclusion of the new Story mode chapter: Chapter 14. This chapter has proven to be quite difficult to clear completely, especially on Dark mode, but has created quite a bit of strategizing in the community which is great to see. Another reason a new chapter is great is that it means more free gems from first-time clears and 3-starring the levels. If you’ve finished Chapter 13 and you’ve been waiting for a new Chapter, there’s finally one to dive into.

The last part of this update includes a new event that began just shortly after the update itself launched. This event is called “Shroomie Shenanigans!” and has some wild, unique things in it. Specifically, as you complete the missions for the event, you get Rainbow Shroomies. On your Cookies page, you’re able to feed these to any of your cookies and it gives them a brand new look! This new look is exclusive to the event and doesn’t alter the cookie’s look in battles, but it’s fun nonetheless.

Some of the art styles for Cookies are incredibly detailed and well-done, while others are at the level of being a meme. It’s a super fun experience to see. These designs will go away once the event ends in a couple of weeks, so see if you can complete all the missions and transform your entire Cookie army!