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Cookie Run: Kingdom Teams

Learn, build, and share the best guides made by fans.

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About Cookie Run: Kingdom Teams

Our Cookie Run: Kingdom Teams section is here to provide the best teams for you for each game mode that you might be interested in. We have teams for Story, Arena, Guild Battle, and Cookie Alliance. Press whatever category you're interested in to view the best teams for it.

The teams we display will show you which cookies to use, which toppings to use on those cookies, and which treasures to use. When possible, there will be a Guide section for each team if there's anything specific you should know about the team as well as a Counters section that will let you know the specific scenarios that a given team might be good, or bad, in.

In addition to viewing teams, you're also able to create your own team to share with the community. All teams that you view are created by the community, for the community. If you have a good team that you find works especially well for you, go ahead and submit it for others to see.

Cookie Run: Kingdom graphic with GingerBrave and a kingdom