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About Clash Mini Tournaments

This page is dedicated to Clash Mini Tournaments. To view tournaments for all games, as well as instructions on how to create and host a tournament, check out our All Tournaments page.

Clash Mini lets players select 1 hero and 5 minis to compete in a 1 vs. 1 match against another player. You always get to start with your Hero in a match, but there's no certainty that you will draw the minis you brought with you to place into battle, not to mention enough to level them up in the match.

Don't let the odds deter you though! You always draw 3 minis every round of the match, so you just need to make sure at least half of your team is made up of capable units and you'll be just fine. Strategy doesn't just come into play with how you play in matches but also how you choose to build your team.

Tournaments for Clash Mini are a fun way to get together with other players and compete in these 1 vs. 1 matches in a bracket to see who can come out on top. There's no officially supported tournament mode in the game, so we choose to host them here instead.

A tournament might make some players feel like they can't win. This can especially be due to the level difference in-game. A person with a level 10 hero is much more likely to beat a person with a level 1 hero. So try hosting or joining tournaments that have special rules in them, such as "No Heroes Above Level 5" or sometimes even a "Level 1 Heroes Only".