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About Pokemon Unite Tournaments

This page is dedicated to Pokemon Unite Tournaments. To view tournaments for all games, as well as instructions on how to create and host a tournament, check out our All Tournaments page.

In Pokemon Unite, you don't just choose the Pokemon you want to play to fight against others with, you also choose 3 Held Items and 1 Battle Item that you bring with you into the arena. Held Items each have passive stats and effects on them that benefit you the whole match whereas Battle Items provided a temporary benefit with a cooldown.

One of the hard parts about the game for some players is that Held Items can level all the way up to 30, providing increases stats each level. This makes a level 30 Held Item exponentially more powerful than the level 1 version of the same item. This acts as somewhat of a deterrent, especially to new players, if they find themselves constantly playing against other people with maxed out items.

Luckily for us, Pokemon Unite has a "Tournament" mode in the game. This lets players use any Pokemon, even if they don't have it unlocked, and allows other custom rules, such as restricting certain Pokemon or setting all Held Items to the same level for everyone. This makes it easy for create a perfectly level playing field and lets the match become solely about a player's skill and how well they play as a team.

When using Pokemon Unite's Tournament mode, we have our site to let you host and join tournaments in the form on what you'd expect a Tournament to be: brackets of teams competing against each other in an attempt to see who the best team out there is. If you don't see any Tournaments you'd like to join, consider hosting one yourself!