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2.8 Dark Prince Skeleton Barrel Cycle

Created by Rainbowpigz
Updated Mar 14, 2023

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Overwhelm your opponents with fast Dark Princes And constantly Rain down trouble on them.


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Skeleton Barrel3 ElixirDark Prince4 ElixirMega Minion3 ElixirFire Spirit1 ElixirSkeletons1 ElixirElectro Wizard4 ElixirThe Log2 ElixirFireball4 Elixir

Stats lvl 11

Elixir Icon
Avg. Elixir2.8
Damage Icon
Avg. DMG275
Damage Per Second Icon
Avg. DPS73.7
Hitpoints Icon
Avg. HP450


2Legendary icon
1Epic icon
2Rare icon
3Common icon

Arena Level



This deck is all about keeping the pressure on you opponents with a constant cycle (Shortest cycle 7 elixir). The deck has potential to defend most small pushes without casualties or big pushes of 5+ elixir with minor ones. Now her is what every card does:

Skeleton barrel: Out of all the win cons in clash royale Skeleton Barrel Is one of the cheapest and most versatile. You can use it to redirect certain cards and then have skeletons drop on them to you could place them at the bridge for a cheap rush.

Dark Prince: Dark Prince is a card that can be dangerous if not defended properly. It can also be used on defense as a counter to tanks. Its cheap value makes it one of the most important cards in this deck as it just has so much potential to deal damage for only 4 elixir.

Mega minion: Well every deck needs anti air And why not take to the skies yourself. Some people my swap out Mega Minion for Phoenix Which you can do. While Phoenix usually provides more value Mega Minion has more cycle ability witch makes it my preferred choice. It is on the tanker side of air units and can easily tank for skeleton barrel.

Electro wizard: Electro wizard is a card that can be used to counter most strong win conditions with the attack reset. With the uprising of cards like Mighty Miner and sparky E-wiz can be used to take away their value. It can also be used as a zap for added value.

Skeletons and Fire Spirit : If this deck is classified as a cycle then it needs some sort of cheap 1 or two elixir card. Fire spirit and skeleton serve the same purpose although they do it quite differently skeletons can be used to swarm the enemy and deal single target damage while fire spirit provides a cheap burst which can be useful to deal with swarms.

Log: looking at the two elixir spells log is by far the best. It can counter swarm, it can pushback tanks it also can be used in a cycle. Over all it' s a very versatile card and needed for this deck.

Fireball: Fireball is the ultimate tank counter with its high damage and knock back. It can also be used to get damage on the opponents tower. Its ability to counter tanks is what makes it really good because that is what this deck really needs.

And there we go that is all the cards explained in depth. Have fun using this deck.


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