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Clash Royale Cards


Heal Spirit1 ElixirSkeletons1 ElixirElectro Spirit1 ElixirFire Spirit1 ElixirIce Spirit1 ElixirWall Breakers2 ElixirBats2 ElixirSpear Goblins2 ElixirBomber2 ElixirIce Golem2 ElixirGoblins2 ElixirKnight3 ElixirIce Wizard3 ElixirMega Minion3 ElixirDart Goblin3 ElixirGoblin Gang3 ElixirMiner3 ElixirMinions3 ElixirBandit3 ElixirPrincess3 ElixirGuards3 ElixirArchers3 ElixirFirecracker3 ElixirRoyal Ghost3 ElixirElixir Golem3 ElixirSkeleton Barrel3 ElixirFisherman3 ElixirSkeleton Army3 ElixirBattle Healer4 ElixirZappies4 ElixirSkeleton King4 ElixirHunter4 ElixirValkyrie4 ElixirFlying Machine4 ElixirMighty Miner4 ElixirElectro Wizard4 ElixirMagic Archer4 ElixirNight Witch4 ElixirInferno Dragon4 ElixirBattle Ram4 ElixirMini P.E.K.K.A4 ElixirMusketeer4 ElixirBaby Dragon4 ElixirGolden Knight4 ElixirSkeleton Dragons4 ElixirDark Prince4 ElixirMother Witch4 ElixirHog Rider4 ElixirLumberjack4 ElixirBarbarians5 ElixirRoyal Hogs5 ElixirGiant5 ElixirPrince5 ElixirWizard5 ElixirRam Rider5 ElixirCannon Cart5 ElixirRascals5 ElixirWitch5 ElixirMinion Horde5 ElixirExecutioner5 ElixirBalloon5 ElixirArcher Queen5 ElixirBowler5 ElixirElectro Dragon5 ElixirElite Barbarians6 ElixirGoblin Giant6 ElixirSparky6 ElixirRoyal Giant6 ElixirGiant Skeleton6 ElixirMega Knight7 ElixirP.E.K.K.A7 ElixirRoyal Recruits7 ElixirLava Hound7 ElixirElectro Giant7 ElixirGolem8 ElixirThree Musketeers9 Elixir


Cannon3 ElixirTombstone3 ElixirMortar4 ElixirBomb Tower4 ElixirTesla4 ElixirFurnace4 ElixirGoblin Cage4 ElixirGoblin Drill4 ElixirGoblin Hut5 ElixirInferno Tower5 ElixirElixir Collector6 ElixirX-Bow6 ElixirBarbarian Hut7 Elixir


Mirror? ElixirRage2 ElixirGiant Snowball2 ElixirBarbarian Barrel2 ElixirZap2 ElixirThe Log2 ElixirRoyal Delivery3 ElixirTornado3 ElixirGoblin Barrel3 ElixirEarthquake3 ElixirArrows3 ElixirClone3 ElixirFireball4 ElixirFreeze4 ElixirPoison4 ElixirGraveyard5 ElixirLightning6 ElixirRocket6 Elixir

All the Clash Royale Cards

There are 107 cards in Clash Royale, each with its own unique effect. Above, we list each of these cards in their respective categories (Troops, Buildings, and Spells) with their costs for a quick glance at them.

Above the cards are some filtering options if you're trying to more quickly find a specific card. You can filter by elixir counts. For example, if you only want to see cards that cost 3 and 4 elixirs, press on the 3 and 4. You can also search for a card by name, so if you're looking for Archer Queen, go ahead and type it in the search box. You're also able to use both of these options together.

Pressing on any of these cards will take you to a dedicated page for information on the card, including their cost, description, when they can be unlocked, and all of their stats at different levels.