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Clash Royale Tier List

There are 109 cards in Clash Royale with only 8 that can be used at a time. So with this tier list, you can learn which are the best and which are the worst to help you make your deck.

The Log
MinerTornadoBarbarian BarrelGoblinsZapPhoenixIce SpiritRocket
FireballSkeletonsGoblin GangValkyrieKnightArrowsLightningCannonPoisonTombstone
Hog RiderGoblin BarrelBanditBalloonBatsDark PrinceElectro WizardSkeleton ArmyPrincessLumberjackInferno DragonElectro SpiritArcher QueenMusketeerTeslaBaby DragonFlying MachineLava HoundRoyal GhostWall BreakersZappiesExecutionerIce WizardInferno TowerX-BowSkeleton KingGraveyardMinions
Electro DragonBomb TowerFishermanMega KnightBattle RamBarbariansSkeleton DragonsMighty MinerGolemDart GoblinMagic ArcherMini P.E.K.K.ARoyal HogsP.E.K.K.AGiant SkeletonRoyal GiantGolden KnightMortarArchersGiant SnowballMinion HordeMother Witch
BowlerGoblin CageMirrorSpear GoblinsRoyal RecruitsEarthquakePrinceSkeleton BarrelFreezeIce GolemRageHunterGiantSparkyElixir CollectorCannon CartRoyal DeliveryBomberHeal SpiritGuardsElite BarbariansWizardElectro GiantBattle HealerElixir GolemCloneGoblin GiantGoblin HutNight WitchMega Minion
Three MusketeersWitchRam RiderFire SpiritRascalsGoblin DrillFurnaceMonkFirecrackerBarbarian Hut

About the Clash Royale Tier List

Clash Royale has tons of different cards to choose from between the Troops, Buildings, and Spells. Many of which counter each other in specific ways and help to construct a versatile deck. The tier list above outlines the most popular cards used among top players in a way that defines their strength and value amongst others.

Most decks are not only successful by having the best cards but by having good synergy that develops into an effective strategy. Some cards at the top may not always work as well in a deck compared to some cards near the bottom. However, building a deck around those higher-powered cards can be an excellent way to utilize them to their maximum potential.

This tier list is structured in the following categories:

S+ - Overpowered. The most popular cards among top players that are essential for a deck.

S - Top-tier. Typically regarded as the most suitable cards for a deck.

A - Great. Solid picks to round out a deck and complement stronger cards.

B - Good. Adequate cards that may pair nicely with others.

C - Okay. Average additions to a deck that might only synergize in certain scenarios.

D - Bad. The least common cards used that normally shouldn't hold their own.

F - Bottom-tier. The worst cards in the game that aren't even used by top players.