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“Pocket” Golem

Created by DepthCharge
Updated Jun 3, 2024

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This deck prizes itself on its adaptability. This deck is mainly offensive but can also works pretty well defensively. Focus on rapid pushes to overwhelm your opponent early to mid game, then switch to a heavy golem push late game to catch your opponent off guard and disrupt any tempo that they may have. Never start with the golem but the playstyle can be shifted to golem pushes mid game depending on your opponent.


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Firecracker3 ElixirWall Breakers2 ElixirHunter4 ElixirLumberjack4 ElixirFurnace4 ElixirBandit3 ElixirSkeleton Army3 ElixirGolem8 Elixir

Stats lvl 11

Elixir Icon
Avg. Elixir3.9
Damage Icon
Avg. DMG299
Damage Per Second Icon
Avg. DPS149.4
Hitpoints Icon
Avg. HP1214


2Legendary icon
4Epic icon
1Rare icon
1Common icon

Arena Level



Chip away at ONE of your opponents towers with furnace. During early to mid game, focus on different small but rapid pushes: lumberjack and hunter (1), bandit at bridge in front of a fire spirit (2), wallbreakers by itself or combined with other pushes such as a lumberjack in front (rage will kill any swarms and gives a decent chance for at least one hit). Focus on overwhelming your opponent and ideally chipping away both towers. If furnace is on left lane, then push wallbreakers right lane. Occasionally switch it up and put wallbreakers left lane so that it is supported by the spirits. During late game randomly switch to golem (that you have been keeping in your “pocket”) and firecracker to catch your opponents off guard and secure a solid push. If the playstyle doesn’t work, then switch to golem mid game if needed. If opponent has poison/EQ then only use furnace defensively in center of your field. If they fireball it, don’t worry and just place a lumberjack in front of the surviving spirits so that you still get decent value out of the trade. If they have inferno tower then focus more on the spam aspect of the deck instead of the golem. If they use goblin barrel, then you can either hunter back of tower as soon as possible, place skele army back of tower, or perfectly time your furnace to kill all 3 goblins. If none of those cards are somehow not in cycle, then use lumberjack or place wallbreakers behind tower right before it lands so that the damage to tower is minimized. Best defensive combos are Hunter and skel army, or a well placed firecracker. Lead away troops with wallbreakers defensively to buy time and elixir. If a card is low but not low enough for your tower to take it, use wallbreakers properly at bridge to lead the opponent back to their tower and guarantee that it dies to your tower when it comes back. If lucky, the WB will do damage as well.
If they princess back, wait for the princess to get around a third to halfway between their tower and bridge and place a firecracker to chip away at their tower. They will typically not be able to react in time to save their princess. This is a custom made deck that I have primarily used since 5-6 or so years ago. I have not experimented with different tower cards for this deck as of this moment (other than Princess), so use at your own disclosure


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