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Beet Cookie

A strong, persistent, rocky-soil-enduring wild beet was used in the making of Beet Cookie. This Cookie not only inherited all these qualities of her mother ingredient but also went up a notch, becoming able to survive just about anywhere! Beet Cookie settled in the deep forest and has been protecting her territory with her trusty crossbow ever since. Storm, rain, blizzard, or vicious predators-no threat is too serious. There's only one thing that can spring a surprise on this lonely ranger: unexpected Cookie visitors.

Beet Cookie PortraitCommon shine
CommonRanged IconRangedRear IconRear

Starter Toppings

Recommended topping 1Recommended topping 2Recommended topping 3Recommended topping 4Recommended topping 5
Hunter's Sense
Clock cooldown icon12s

Hunter's Sense

Shoots several bolts in a row at a target with the lowest HP. The bolt also casts a debuff reducing Healing. Don't mess with a hunter!