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Cookie Run: Kingdom Tier List

There's a total of 106 Cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom, so it can be difficult to decide which ones you'd like to go for from the Gacha. To help, we have two tier lists to showcase the best characters in the game for either the Story mode or Arena.

With a combination of both, you can see that the top characters are:

PvP Tier List

PvE Tier List

PvP Arena Tier List

Pure Vanilla CookieSnapgradon CookieStardust CookieMoonlight CookiePitaya Dragon CookieCapsaicin CookieSherbet CookieHollyberry Cookie
Wildberry CookieMadeleine CookieKouign-Amann CookieMala Sauce CookieEclair CookieBlueberry Pie CookieFrost Queen CookieSpace DoughnutBlack Pearl CookieSquid Ink CookieCaptain Caviar CookieCream Puff Cookie
Financier CookieWerewolf CookiePurple Yam CookieMilky Way CookieRed Velvet CookieVampire CookiePrune Juice CookiePinecone CookieEspresso CookieLatte CookieHerb CookieParfait Cookie
Tarte Tatin CookieTea Knight CookieDark Cacao CookieRye CookieClotted Cream CookieOyster CookieRoyal Margarine CookieCaramel Arrow CookieSea Fairy CookieProphet CookieCarol Cookie
Milk CookieCrunchy Chip CookieSorbet Shark CookieLicorice CookieCream Unicorn CookiePomegranate CookieCotton CookieCandy Diver CookieMacaron Cookie
Strawberry Crepe CookieCocoa CookieMoon Rabbit CookieCherry Blossom CookiePoison Mushroom CookieAffogato CookieAlmond CookiePumpkin Pie CookieMint Choco CookieTwizzly Gummy Cookie
Sonic CookieTails CookieFig CookiePastry CookieChili Pepper CookieDark Choco CookieLilac CookieMango CookieKumiho CookieRaspberry CookieSparkling CookieSnow Sugar CookieTiger Lily CookieBlack Raisin Cookie
Blackberry CookiePancake CookiePrincess CookieClover CookieCherry CookieGumball CookieDevil CookieCarrot CookieAlchemist CookieAdventurer CookieCustard Cookie IIIOnion CookieKnight CookieAvocado Cookie
GingerBraveStrawberry CookieWizard CookieMuscle CookieBeet CookieAngel CookieNinja Cookie

About Our Cookie Run: Kingdom Tier Lists

Cookie Run: Kingdom has a ton of different Cookies in the game that you can use. On top of that, there's several different games modes, each of which can have differen Cookies that perform well over another mode. Here we try to present a generalized Tier List that helps you get a decent idea of how a Cookie may perform when pitted against random enemies vs. when pitted against other Cookies.

Tier Lists are always subject to change, and we know that. As such, we use the Tier List that Loser Squad creates because they try to keep it as up-to-date as possible. That means this page should also be updated frequently as well.

If you have any comments you'd like to share about the Tier Lists, let us know on our Discord or let Loser Squad know on their Guild Discord and things can be looked into.