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Black Pearl Cookie

"There is something out there, hiding amidst the thick fog. Something ominous, capable of swirling all-consuming whirlpools and raising gigantic waves on a whim… The tale of Duskgloom Sea is true, you see, and its dark waters will reach every grain of sugar in your dough and silence your last scream…" It will be wise to avoid these treacherous waves—for their ruler can toss and wreck even the mightiest of ships as if they were mere toys. It is said that kind-hearted mermaids once served as the ocean's caregivers and protectors, but here in the Duskgloom Sea, you will find only dark grudge(sic). Nobody knows the reason behind Black Pearl Cookie's century-old wrath, but with her on the underwater throne of wreckage, the Duskgloom Sea has gained its notoriety as the abyssal graveyard. She does not seek affection nor understanding, but then what is it that Black Pearl Cookie is looking for? What can pacify her cries of desperation?

Black Pearl Cookie PortraitLegendary shine
LegendaryAmbush IconAmbushMiddle IconMiddle

Starter Toppings

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Duskgloom's Sovereign
Clock cooldown icon15s

Duskgloom's Sovereign

Dives into the abyss and shifts into her true form, creating a whirlpool storm that deals periodic damage and drags in even enemies resistant to interruptions. Enemies, terrified of the Cookie's giant size, suffer from Terror of the Abyss. If Terror of the Abyss is dispelled, the target will be inflicted with true damage proportional to the target's Max HP. Being the ruler of the abyss herself, Black Pearl Cookie is resistant to all Fear effects. (Maximum amount of damage proportional to the target's HP is 300,000)