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Butter Roll Cookie

One of Beast-Yeast's best-kept secrets is the mysterious Laboratorium. There, a team of passionate scientists conducts all sorts of peculiar experiments on the Cookie dough under the leadership of Director Butter Roll Cookie, a baker extraordinaire wielding an enormous whisk. Butter Roll Cookie regards his subordinates' mistakes as happy little accidents paving the way to future breakthroughs. There is no baking conundrum Butter Roll Cookie's expert hands cannot whip up a solution for! Under his rolling pin, meringues come out light as air and dough, smooth as silk, earning him an unquestionable authority. And yet, there is something bone-chilling about the way Butter Roll Cookie's smile vanishes from his face when he works his dough.

Butter Roll Cookie PortraitEpic shine
EpicCharge IconChargeFront IconFront

Starter Toppings

Recommended topping 1Recommended topping 2Recommended topping 3Recommended topping 4Recommended topping 5
Dough Experiment
Clock cooldown icon12s

Dough Experiment

Butter Roll Cookie spins his whisk, dealing damage and sucking in enemies at the center of the whisk vortex, reducing their ATK and ATK SPD, and increasing Butter Roll Cookie’s DMG Resist. He then deals more damage with his whisk and Stuns his enemies, dealing extra damage to enemies resistant to Stuns. While Butter Roll Cookie is using his skill, he will briefly become resistant to interrupting effects.