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Candy Diver Cookie

Plop... Splash! Candy Diver Cookie pulls the lever on the wetsuit, and the two gumballs swirl a lap inside their helmet. Always out there, charting the unknown regions of the ocean floor, making sketches of fishes no one has ever seen, this deep-sea explorer might be tiny, but they leave an unforgettable first impression. Candy Diver Cookie has examined every underwater nook and cranny through the barnacled candy glass and probably witnessed whole coral forests grow and dissipate into pale dust that covers the soggy carcasses of sunken ships. All this curiosity, yet Candy Diver Cookie cannot find the answer to this one question: how does one end up all alone at the sea bottom? Whenever they try to catch onto the pieces of this mystery in the ocean of memory, they slip into the darker, deeper abyss.

Candy Diver Cookie PortraitEpic shine
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Starter Toppings

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Deep-sea Diver
Clock cooldown icon15s

Deep-sea Diver

While wandering the depths of the Duskgloom Sea, Candy Diver Cookie has become immune to enemy attacks by obtaining the Safeguarded ability. Their regular attacks reduce the DEF and increase DMG received by the nearest enemy. Upon using the skill, Candy Diver Cookie will discover various relics from the deep sea, providing buffs and healing to the Cookie's allies The super success rate will increase depending on Candy Diver Cookie's Amplify Buff rate. Every relic provides a different effect.