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Carrot Cookie

The sun is burning! Lumps of rich black soil are being tossed right and left! Sweat is flowing! Carrot Cookie is having yet another pleasant day of working in the fields! This genius farmer knows the secret of growing delicious giant vegetables out of the smallest seeds. She even had to fix the roof of her house after one of her green giants had grown a bit too big. But for Carrot Cookie there's no such thing as "too big!" And when it's harvest season, the Cookie forgets about everything but her farm! Come rain or shine, her crops always flourish!

Carrot Cookie PortraitRare shine
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Starter Toppings

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Carrot Harvest
Clock cooldown icon19s

Carrot Harvest

Pulls the hardest carrots from the ground and shoots them at the enemy, causing area damage and increasing the party's Defense. Carrots collected after an attack restore some HP.