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Cloud Haetae Cookie

Let's see... This creature looks like a puppy and barks like a puppy, AND it known to ward off bad luck and fires! Must be none other than Cloud Haetae Cookie from legends! The stalwart guardian of Mystic Flour Cookie's grand temple, the Ivory Pagoda, Cloud Haetae Cookie will greet interlopers with their sharp claws. But talk respectfully of their enlightened master, and Cloud Haetae Cookie will shower you in pleasantries and even offer a delightful steamed roll! Judging by the way this creature talks about Mystic Flour Cookie, you can infer boundless faith and loyalty. So let Cloud Haetae Cookie guide you through the winding hallways of the Ivory Pagoda but keep an eye on the mischievous creature: they may just conveniently disappear into the fog...

Cloud Haetae Cookie PortraitEpic shine
EpicDefense IconDefenseFront IconFront

Starter Toppings

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Haetae Charge
Clock cooldown icon11s

Haetae Charge

Takes the form of a Cloud Haetae. After transforming, gains an increased DEF and DMG Resist and grants HP Shields for the entire team. With their regular attacks, transformed Cloud Haetae Cookie charges at the enemies, dealing area damage. Cloud Haetae Cookie will also heal the ally with the lowest HP with Cloud Rolls (except Cloud Haetae Cookie themselves). When the transformation is over, Cloud Haetae Cookie will perform a last forceful charge to deal greater damage and Stun the enemies. Belonging to the Realm of Apathy, Cloud Haetae Cookie is resistant to Apathy, can briefly disrupt the Power of Apathy effect when using their skill, and grants the Visions of Apathy buff to the team. When in the same team with Mystic Flour Cookie, Cloud Haetae Cookie will gain the Haetae's Loyalty buff. Cloud Haetae Cookie will regain HP with each 3 regular attacks in the Cookie form.