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Clover Cookie

A brightly sunlit summer glade covered with soft clovers. A forest brook murmuring gently not afar. A delicate breeze whispering secrets to your ear. A joyful bustle of a Cookie crowd. Clover Cookie wanders the land in search of inspiration for his poetry of the everyday. Two crunchy feet and a long road ahead, the old grass-woven lute behind his back, and someone to sing a song to—what else is needed to be happy? Sing along, and Clover Cookie's ballad will flow far away, over the forests and ridges of the Cookie World.

Clover Cookie PortraitRare shine
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Starter Toppings

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Bard's Song
Clock cooldown icon17s

Bard's Song

Tough times are when music is needed the most. The Cookie plays a soothing song, removing all debuffs from party members and applying a buff that slowly restores their HP.


Wanderer of the Fall

Wanderer of the Fall

Ah, autumn...! Forests turning golden and red on the thinning, crisp breeze. Today, Clover Cookie is playing his melancholic ballad to the falling leaves.