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Crimson Coral Cookie

Hearken to me, Legion of Tearcrown! The echo of Crimson Coral Cookie's stern voice rolls above the crashing waves, summoning a great host of seahorses, marlins, and whales to protect the treasured kingdom of the Gem Mermaids. Born with a crimson coral, this Cookie has vowed to protect her homewaters, and all denizens of the ocean, even the Almighty Sea herself, bowed in respect. In every battle, Crimson Coral Cookie is at the forefront, bravely wielding her spear from the back of her trusty seahorse companion. The Gem Mermaid's heart softens only when she is with her beloved sisters. Some even say they have seen a faint shadow of a smile on the face of Tearcrown's most stalwart protector!

Crimson Coral Cookie PortraitSuper Epic shine
Super EpicDefense IconDefenseFront IconFront

Starter Toppings

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Somber Affection
Clock cooldown icon12s

Somber Affection

Crimson Coral Cookie's sisters will lend their powers to the crimson spear, piercing enemies and dealing damage. Afterwards. Crimson Coral Cookie will cast an HP Shield to the 2 allies with the highest ATK (excluding herself) equal to a portion of her Water-type Skill damage. If Crimson Coral Cookie is the only Cookie in the front line, she and her allies will gain the Coral Armor buff. Additionally, her Coral Armor's size and weight will reduce the effect of Knockback and Flying. When Crimson Coral Cookie is using her skill. she is not affected by ATK SPD changes and will become resistant to interrupting effects.