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Custard Cookie III

Even before the custard on his head started to take shape, this little Cookie dreamed of becoming a glorious king, worth of the title borne by the greatest rulers of the past. Custard Cookie III, as he prefers to call himself, may not rule anything yet, but looking at how active he is at waving his scepter and giving orders, it is only a matter of time before he sits on a real throne. And his determination is remarkable! Made of simple colored paper, his royal regalia looked so realistic that even the notorious Chili Pepper Cookie got confused once! These days, Custard Cookie III is busy recruiting supporters to witness his future crowning. Perhaps you could become one of them?

Custard Cookie III PortraitRare shine
RareHealing IconHealingRear IconRear

Starter Toppings

Recommended topping 1Recommended topping 2Recommended topping 3Recommended topping 4Recommended topping 5
King's Favor
Clock cooldown icon16s

King's Favor

Heals two Cookies with the lowest HP and also casts a short-living Shield absorbing damage. 'Cause that's what kings do!


Honorable Descendant

Honorable Descendant

Who's this Cookie wrapped up in a waffle cape? Oh, it's none other than Custard Cookie III, who's dressed up in his royal Vanillian robes for the Grand Ball! Just look at him: he's on his toes for his dancing partner! No wonder why there's a whole line of Cookies fawning over him!