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Dark Choco Cookie

Long ago, this Cookie stepped into the world of Darkness to become a hero, but fate had a different plan: Dark Choco Cookie was unfortunate enough to happen upon the forbidden Strawberry Jam Sword. As soon as the would-be hero grasped the weapon, the dark power of the magic sword took over. From that moment on, Dark Choco Cookie's life changed forever. Now, dark clouds and thunderstorms follow this ill-fated Cookie, feared by all. It is said that Dark Choco Cookie is still fighting against the magic sword's control.

Dark Choco Cookie PortraitEpic shine
EpicCharge IconChargeFront IconFront

Starter Toppings

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Sword of Darkness
Clock cooldown icon13s

Sword of Darkness

Strikes the ground with his great sword, inflicting chain lightning upon the enemies. Those unfortunate, affected by this dark lightning suffer from great damage and lowered Defense.


Prince of a Lost Kingdom

Prince of a Lost Kingdom

Was he chasing something or being chased? Wounded, with his armor crumbling apart, Dark Choco Cookie marched on. What was it he vanquished that day...?

It's Jolly...

It's Jolly...

So the hat is from the Cookie over there, and the lights are from the Cookie next door... Aww, it looks like everyone just couldn't leave Dark Choco Cookie alone! Cheer up, Dark Choco Cookie! It is the holidays, after all!