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Fig Cookie

If you ever go for a forest picnic on a bright sunny day when the fragrant wind caresses your cheeks, the curious Fig Cookie may shyly appear from behind the leaves! This Cookie is known to have dwelled in verdant forests of light and honey for a long, long time. Year after year, the forest awakens at the cheerful sound of Fig Cookie's Jelly Horn, and the brightest of flowers become more colorful and lively than ever. When Fig Cookie shares tales as old as the forest itself, animal friends gather around and listen intently. Prancing about to and fro, the Cookie sometimes ventures to the very edge of the forest to play and run with other Cookies.

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Starter Toppings

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Jelly Horn
Clock cooldown icon15s

Jelly Horn

The sound of Fig Cookie's Jelly Horn summons a flock of angered Fig Birds that swarm at the enemies, dealing damage. Surprised by this sudden attack, the enemies suffer from reduced ATK.


Bringer of Joy

Bringer of Joy

Fig Cookie found a holiday hat and decided to spread some festive joy by delivering some gifts. The unexpected gifts caught many Cookies by surprise—but upon looking at Fig Cookie, everything just made sense! Perhaps they could wear a red nose as well? Anyways, everyone seems to be delighted by the gifts, warmly smiling in return.

Herald of the Crumbled

Herald of the Crumbled

The brisk air of Halloween night is pierced by the disharmonic sound of the horn. Flocks of Fig Bats herald the coming of something... else. Finally, the grim Herald of the Crumbled appears to join the Masquerade!