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Herb Cookie

Warm like the sunshine and fresh like the scent of rain, Herb Cookie will ease your mind when you're feeling down. Made of fresh green herbs, this Cookie may not be to everyone's taste. On rainy days, Herb Cookie loves to listen to the sound of falling raindrops under his trusty leaf umbrella. On warm days, he enjoys the sunshine together with his favorite plants. This Cookie treats all living things and every moment as precious. He believes that the little things that make you laugh or cry are to be cherished, just like a ray of sunshine after the rain.

Herb Cookie PortraitEpic shine
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Starter Toppings

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Sunny Garden
Clock cooldown icon17s

Sunny Garden

Turns the ground into a wonderful little garden, removing all debuffs and restoring some HP for the whole party. Standing near sprouts also restores some HP over time.


Autumnal Leaves

Autumnal Leaves

After a hot and humid summer, comes autumn with its winds and colorful foliage. The perfect season to enjoy a cup of tea in Herb Cookie's garden.

Frosty Mint

Frosty Mint

Frosty mint, anyone? The blue shades of the frosted leaves in the snowy garden creates(sic) an enchanting atmosphere. So refreshing and crisp!