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Licorice Cookie

With a great portion of the blackest licorice extract in his dough and a grim-looking scythe, this Cookie is up to no good. From a young age, Licorice Cookie dreamed of becoming a wizard but never received the recognition he so rightfully deserved. Eventually, he turned to the forbidden arts of Black Magic. With time, Licorice Cookie assembled a small army of Chewy Licorice Servants raised to do his bidding. On his dark path, he met Dark Enchantress Cookie. The might of the sorceress astonished Licorice Cookie, and it didn't take long before he swore his allegiance. Now, the Cookie is working flat out to earn his new mistress's favor. And it seems like Dark Enchantress Cookie is not easily pleased, as Licorice Cookie's diary filled with everyday rants and complaints could fill up a library.

Licorice Cookie PortraitEpic shine
EpicMagic IconMagicMiddle IconMiddle

Starter Toppings

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Licorice Servants
Clock cooldown icon14s

Licorice Servants

Summons a powerful Black Lightning and Licorice Servants. The potent spell briefly increases the party's Defense. Licorice Servants are resistant to certain movement interrupting effects. If the skill is used before the summoned Licorice Servants disappear, new additional Licorice Servants will be summoned.


Pale Reaper

Pale Reaper

Licorice Cookie has finally succeeded in summoning his White Revenants: a ruthless army of obedient servants knowing no fear or pain. For a more terrifying look, he now dresses in... white. Or better say "bleached," but that's a secret.