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Linzer Cookie

Who is that tall, elegant lady wearing a fashionable pillbox hat? Why, the world-famous mystery novelist Linzer Cookie, of course! Writing an excellent detective story is like cooking a gourmet dessert: it takes a time-proven recipe of undeniable facts, an array of scrumptious plot twists, a decadent, visceral, plentiful filling of sweet suspense, but, first and foremost, the author's impeccable craftsmanship and passion. And the overwhelming popularity of Linzer Cookie's books proves she has it all: each new release means a long queue of faithful fans waiting by the bookstore from the early hours. Betting on the culprit's identity, trying to solve the sinister riddles... it's a cult following! Of course, Linzer Cookie never reveals her secrets: with her trusty pen and the signature glint in her eye, the star writer is already working on a new manuscript, stained with a few drops of strawberry jam...

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Starter Toppings

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The Culprit... is YOU!
Clock cooldown icon16s

The Culprit... is YOU!

Linzer Cookie gains Deduction stacks instead of regular attacks. Upon using her skill, she increases the CRIT% of her allies and applies the Suspect debuff to the enemy with the highest ATK, dealing damage to the target and area damage to the enemies nearby. The Suspect debuff is enhanced with Deduction stacks, and when using the skill with the maximum number of stacks, the debuff will decrease the target's DEF and apply a CRIT buff for allies. The renowned writer's impeccable deduction allows the Suspect debuff to be applied even to targets with debuff immunity. While Linzer Cookie is using her skill, she will briefly become resistant to interrupting effects.