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Madeleine Cookie

An offspring of a noble Cookie family from a peaceful republic across the ocean, Madeleine Cookie, armed with his family's influence and shiny new armor, is already the Commander of a knight order. On the day of his Commander's Oathtaking, Madeleine Cookie dedicated himself to the Divine and was granted the Sword and Shield of Radiant Light, which he prizes the most among his numerous possessions. The glorious Knight Commander's usual duties included trotting around the city on his snow-white sugar horse or letting his heavy cape flutter dramatically on the wind during his sparring sessions. Not too long ago, the heroic Madeleine Cookie set on a quest in search of the legendary Soul Jam capable of granting Cookies eternal life! Will the noble paladin's first campaign bear fruit?

Madeleine Cookie PortraitEpic shine
EpicDefense IconDefenseFront IconFront

Starter Toppings

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Commander's Honor
Clock cooldown icon13s

Commander's Honor

Calls upon the Celestial Light that allows performing ranged area attacks instead of regular attacks. While under the Celestial Light, Madeleine Cookie is immune to debuffs.


Crimson Knight

Crimson Knight

Today, Madeleine Cookie wield a special set of dark chocolate armor embellished with cruel filigree of strawberry jam. Don't be surprised by this new appearance: no armor can hold the illuminating splendor!