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Mala Sauce Cookie

The blistering heat of the Dragon's Valley seems inhospitable to all forms of life. That is... until you get to know the spicy Cookies of the Mala Tribe. The entire tribe is unyieldingly spicy, but none come close to Mala Sauce Cookie with her mind-numbing, fiery taste! Her strength knows no bounds: a simple tap on a boulder shatter it to pieces, a full swing of her Morning Star Anise triggers a massive whirlwind. Due to her fierce determination to protect the tribe, she was the only cookie who succeeded in the dreaded Trial of the Dragon. It's no wonder that she is destined to be the future leader! Despite the twists and turns with her first adventure outside of the village, if she can captivate the spicy denizens of the Mala Tribe, the outside world doesn't stand a chance!

Mala Sauce Cookie PortraitEpic shine
EpicCharge IconChargeFront IconFront

Starter Toppings

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Spicy Mala Strike
Clock cooldown icon15s

Spicy Mala Strike

Strikes the ground with her mace, rupturing it and dealing area damage. Spicy Mala Sauce lava will erupt from the crack and apply the Burn debuff dealing periodic damage to the enemies. In addition, this skill increases CRIT% of the two allies with the highest CRIT% stat.


Heat Meter: In the Red

Heat Meter: In the Red

Mala Sauce Cookie is about to hit a new record of spiciness. Her trusty Morning Star Anise, reforged in the spiciest pepper and boiling water, now shines with flaming crimson. Tremble, enemies: few of you can handle this level of heat!