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Mercurial Knight Cookie

Mercurial Knight Cookie is the commander of the Silver Tree Knights who has sworn to protect the Silver Tree and its Guardian. Blessed by Silver, he cast aside his former flavor, scent, and memories (and mastered the sacred art of Amalgamation). When in battle, enemies see nothing but a blur of silver, swift and fluid like mercury. Perhaps the gravity of his mission has changed the very nature of his crispy Cookie dough.

Mercurial Knight Cookie Portraitepic shine
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Starter Toppings

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Mercury Knight's Oath
Clock cooldown icon11s

Mercury Knight's Oath

With the power of mercury, Mercurial Knight Cookie's regular attacks are strengthened, dealing area damage to enemies and casting Mercury Poisoning. Mercurial Knight Cookie will then land his final strike, dealing damage and additional damage based on the number of Mercury Poisoning stacks. When Mercurial Knight Cookie is inflicted with a debuff, he will gain an Amalgamation buff, and when he gains enough stacks, he'll dispel all debuffs and enter Mercury Storm mode. In Mercury Storm mode, Mercurial Knight Cookie will not receive an Amalgamation buff. Due to his mercurial armor, Mercurial Knight Cookie is immune to the Spore Dispersal and Mushroom Mutation effects. While Mercurial Knight Cookie is using his skill, he will briefly become resistant to interrupting effects. When Mercurial Knight Cookie enters the battlefield with Silverbell Cookie, the Silver Knighthood buff will activate.