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Mystic Flour Cookie

An absence of color. Pure, undistilled white flour that symbolizes freedom, enlightenment... and futility. When magic first blessed these lands, Mystic Flour Cookie was revered as a saint—capable of granting wishes both big and small. Yet, as the crowds faded away, she was left with only apathy. Her once radiant light tarnished, leading her to join forces with the fallen Beast Cookies. Despite everything, Mystic Flour Cookie neither feels anger nor sadness, as wishes are nothing but mere illusions, and all worldly desires are destined to disappear one day. A world of nothingness. A world where every Cookie is liberated from burden. That is the perfect world she envisions. Once reaching that enlightenment, one shall open their eyes to the blinding truth: Apathy.

Mystic Flour Cookie PortraitBeast shine
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Starter Toppings

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Whispers of Apathy
Clock cooldown icon15s

Whispers of Apathy

Creates the Realm of Apathy. shielding the allies with the Cocoon of Futility. Allies within the Realm of Apathy have their HP periodically restored. They will also gain the Touch of Meaninglessness buff. Once the duration of the Realm of Apathy is over. the allies will be Healed for a portion of the DMG they have dealt.

The Cocoon of Futility cannot be Dispelled or removed by Zap or Overcurrent. The effect will remain even after the HP Shield reaches 0 capacity. If the target is at Max HP. incoming Healing will restore the HP Shield instead.

If an enemy Cookie enters the Realm of Apathy, their Cooldown will be increased, and their ATK SPD will be reduced. They will also be inflicted with the Pale Plague, increasing the remaining Cooldown when dispelled. Mystic Flour Cookie will increase her own DMG Resist based on the decreased amount of Cooldown. Her Lantern of Apathy will keep healing the allies regardless of Mystic Flour Cookie's current status and will be further enhanced when she is defeated.

If there are no Safeguarded Cookies in the team. Mystic Flour Cookie cannot be incapacitated. and gains increased Max HP. The amount of Healing coming from the Lantern of Apathy and its trigger rate will also greatly increase. Ally Cookies will also be provided with Buff Protection.

Mystic Flour Cookie is immune to Apathy along with all targets of the Cocoon of Futility and disrupts the Power of Apathy effect affecting enemies.