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Olive Cookie

From long, winding canyons and dense rainforests to scorching Parmasands! Olive Cookie the archaeologist seeks out remote locations veiled from the world! This Cookie owes her wits and smarts to all the ripe, oily olives in her dough. She's always busy researching and recording historical facts and important stories of ancient kingdoms. Is that a relic?! A trickle of olive oil runs down her face in the long-awaited moment of excitement...! But there's no time to celebrate: time to pay respects by publishing the details in a research paper! Olive Cookie will do anything to unearth the secrets of history—like running headfirst into a cave full of bats! Once again, she fixes her glasses, tightens her backpack straps, and ventures toward her next discovery!

Olive Cookie PortraitEpic shine
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Starter Toppings

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Bat Attack
Clock cooldown icon15s

Bat Attack

Olive Cookie runs off as though she’s forgotten her exploration equipment, then returns chased by a cauldron of bats. She trips, and the bats fly over her to attack enemies in front of Olive Cookie. The bats differ in types depending on their color, they apply debuffs, and Stun enemies with a certain chance.