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Parfait Cookie

In a time when there's never a day without a new hot celebrity idol, this singer-songwriter Cookie desperately tries to stick out with sweet toppings in vivid colors! Parfait Cookie's distinct style involves layers of chocolate and candy, topped with dripping syrup. Despite still being a rookie, this Cookie already has dozens of self-written songs. Parfait Cookie's melodies may be just as creative and unique as her colorful mixture of toppings, but her lyrics are always as pure and honest as vanilla ice cream. "It doesn't matter if the audition goes bad, if no one recognizes me, or even if my toppings melt in the summer rain! I keep playing my guitar and sing about the truth in my heart."

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Starter Toppings

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Clock cooldown icon17s


Grabs the microphone and belts her heart out. Touched by the earnest and sincere song, all allies will recover some HP and receive a buff that increases DEF and resistance to debuffs.